Friday, 9 October 2015

Muslims beaten and tried to kill Christian family by running their car on one of them for stopping their harassment of Christian girls

KASUR:September 20, 2015  a Christian man Boota Masih was severely beaten by nine Muslims because of stopping them of roof-harassment to his daughters.

Masih was beaten and his two teeth were injured to break and his son Shahbaz was three times hit by car for killing while going to home.

The incident took place at Mohala Sabri,Bhai Pheru  District Kasur on Sunday 20, 2015 at about 04:00 PM ,when Masih was coming home from Nishat Chunian Mills where he was doing a job as a sweeper. The assailants stopped him on way and attacked at him one of them is allegedly said to have broken his teeth with a club and beaten him with club because a few days ago Masih requested Muslim neighbours to build boundary wall of their roof from where Muslims teased and harassed his daughters.
Masih was rescued by some passerby Christians and he was taken to RHC,Bhai Pheru but when they tried to enter Local Police Station for taking docket,they were again attacked by a group of Muslims and the group of Muslims severely beaten his three sons and with connivance of Police and made them put in police station lockup.The Police pressurized the Christians instead to register a case FIR against the Muslim assailants because they had political backup. 

The family approached to Zulifqar Masih,Human Rights Defender and field director of LEAD for support and assistance.On Defender intervention the case FIR No. 266/2015 was became possible to register against the Muslim assailants but the other case in which Masih's son was hit by car for killing was not possible to register under Section 324 against the attacker.

The Muslim group has filed a false complaint against the Christians for registration of a false case after leveling the false allegation of beating one of them and also his car was damaged by the Christians so that they could be pressurized for compromises.

The justice system is too weak to give relief the victims.The investigation could be easily affected by political influence or bribery.Here the Christians are commonly considered as slaves because of theirs victimization by the hands of Muslims.

Today Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender and Advocate High Court who heads LEAD an organization working for persecuted and victim of violence.He was requested for free legal assistance and Mr.Gill made them satisfied to stand with the family in every thick and thin. 

Christians in Pakistan live a insecure existence, always in danger of being beaten or killed or discriminated or having their lives destroyed by false accusations of blasphemy or other criminal charges because of their being defenceless and poor.Western leaders are blind to Christian persecution and deny to accept that the Christians in Pakistan are persecuted and dare say anything about such sufferings.

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