Saturday, 10 October 2015

Torture fear grips Christian teacher's family

KASUR:Teacher is now groaning in pain with his injured left eye.Christians all over the globe condemn the brutality in protest.Authority took notice it but in vain because policy will remain same and extremist ideology will prevail to persecute Christians in Pakistan.

His children suspect that there might be other horrible things happening on the blind side of the religious extremists and they could harm their father again,they are in fear to have to face greater problems.His wife suggested him to leave the head teachership and also teachership for their safety because those extremists are very dangerous people and merciless.

Following the assault, Nabila her wife,teacher at St.Mary's Convent High School,Phool Nagar and  her six children namely twins Mishal girl and Sharjeel boy 16 years old ,Izen girl 14 years old, twins Shameer boy and Aleena girl 10 years old and Mishma 7 years old told that they spent three nights without sleeping because of fears of repeating assaulting of the extremists at their father.She further added that it better to save our lives her husband quit the teachership and said, adding that police would have ensured their safety had they stayed behind.

Police were aware of the incident and the SHO arrested the extremist teachers and even then consequently there was a delay in registering a case.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender and Advocate High Court ,who heads LEAD,today visited his home and prayed with his traumatized family.

Siddique Azam was appointed as the head teacher in the village of Pernawa. Muslim teachers in the school had shown open dislike towards him and humiliated as “Choora” by them. Azam’s instance is just one among many cases where Christian’s in Pakistan are sufferings.Many cases do not come surface as it is.

"There is pressured on me for compromised and my family also is terrified and traumatized after this happening,"told Saddique Azam. 

Christians make up just a small proportion of Pakistan's vast population. But in recent months, they have increasingly been the target of attacks and victim of mob violence fueling fears about religious freedom in the country.

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